8 pendants
15 cm width, length or diameter

The pendants are constructed from patterns or pattern sketches made by Russian Constructivist textile artists in the 1920’s. Each part and material has its own role within the configuration, reflecting the function and aesthetics of the source patterns. 

Text by Anna Goetz for the exhibition Patterns at Open White Gallery, Berlin, 2021

Review by Maxie Fischer in re:visions (only in German)

Photos above by Joseph Devitt Tremblay
Photos below by Mathias Völzke and Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen

Cast copper, epoxy resin, patent leather, 9 x 15 cm, (pattern sketch by Natalia Kiseleva, 1927)

Steel, bronzed iron, silver, 15 x 7,5 cm, (anonymous pattern sketch, late 1920’s)

Acrylic glass, 15 cm ø (pattern sketch by Warwara Stepanowa, 1924)

Brushed aluminium, gold leaf, dichroic glass, polycarbonate 2,5 x 15 cm (pattern by Oskar Grjun, 1928)

Epoxy resin, acrylic glass, patent leather, 15 x 2,5 x 1 cm (pattern sketch by Warwara Stepanowa, 1924)

Velvet, copper, wood, 8 x 15 cm (anonymous pattern sketch, early 1920’s)

Epoxy resin, glitter pigment, Kroma cardboard, 15 x 15 cm (pattern sketch by Ljubow Popowa, ~1924)

Copper, acrylic glass, 15 x 15 cm (pattern sketch by Warwara Stepanowa, 1923)