Final Take

Bauer P6 16mm filmprojector, Grundig 2x4 Video 2000 VHS player, Pioneer LD-660 Laserdisc player,
16mm film, Video 2000 VHS tape, steel and brass objects, photographs

Final Take is a series of machines that show moving images, rigged so that destroy their own main function. The machines were disassembled and an indispensable part was copied and enlarged to the ratio 1:30. The parts were then hung above the machines by another of their components: 16 mm film, VHS tape or steel wire from a coil. The machines were turned on, the objects fell and rendered the lens, the tape head and the laser useless.

Helmpflicht, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, 2019

Final Take/A Sporadic (with Liesel Burisch) - Open White Gallery Berlin, 2020 (photos by CHROMA)