Close horizon

7 objects
Tied nylonnets, roses metal, steel rod
Heights between 70 and 140 cm, widths between 50 and 105 cm.

Close horizon consists of knotted nylon nets onto which a large amount of Roses metal (an alloy with a melting point of 98°) has been melted. On a Western slope the nets are placed on stands just before sunset. A fresnel-lens magnifying glass catches the sunset and concentrates it onto the metal, which is placed in a wide funnel-shaped container, above the net. The metal melts onto and binds itself to the net.

Close horizon catalogue texts

60 x 145 cm

60 x 105 cm

Fixations, Galerie Kuchling, Berlin, 2019

Galleri SØ, Copenhagen, 2015

fyr, KW Institute for Contemporary Art - 3 1/2, Berlin,  2015